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Podcast: Into the Wild – 3 Namibians discuss Trophy Hunting

This episode of Into The Wild  podcast features three Namibians, among them  Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations (NACSO) director Maxi Louis whose organisation supports communities living in conservancies, John Mwilima, a management member of a conservancy, and Lorna Dax,  aconservancy member.

They bring to light issues of conservation hunting and, within this, the controversial issue of trophy hunting from a community perspective. Maxi describes this  as harvesting of animals, which people have been doing for millennia for various cultural and traditional reasons and, in more recent years, for economic exchanges regulated through policy ensuring that people living on communal land get value from the wildlife on their land and also use it as a conservation tool.

African peoples have hunted animals for hundreds of years and this is highly regulated.

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